Professional Development

The Beginning

I’m thrilled to be writing my first post in The New Pink Collar after a year in the making! I know, I know. A year in the making is a tad bit excessive, but honestly, it took me a year to finally muster the courage to create a blog. In a world where your status seems to be determined by the number followers you have on Twitter (I have exactly 27 btw…), the thought of having no one following my blog was a bit crippling. When I was finally over my self pity party, I was able to focus on what it was I really wanted to accomplish with this blog. Drum roll please… My goal is to support leadership development of my fellow female professionals. I am fortunate to have some wise women in my life who have supported me along the way, and I want to give back to you what they have given me. I hope to do this by sharing lessons learned, offering words of inspiration, posting articles from the experts, highlighting successful female professionals, and facilitating thought provoking discussions. In return, I hope you will also give back to the women in your life!

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