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Don’t give up on your grammy moment!

I have to admit, I am a sucker for the Grammys. Call me a sap, but I thoroughly enjoy spending my Grammy-Sunday evening watching dreams come true for budding artists and veterans alike who have worked so hard for this moment. Most of you reading this post probably haven’t been awarded a Grammy, but you can relate to working hard to accomplish something. Whatever it is – your first job, a big project, home ownership, getting out of debt – we can all relate. Hopefully all of our hard work will eventually pay off and we will get to experience several Grammy moments in our lives.

I was reflecting on my own life, recalling my Grammy moments. The most recent one that comes to mind is when I graduated with my Master’s Degree. I had spent three full years pursuing this degree spending my evenings in the books and my weekends on projects. For three years I had put my heart and soul into my education while working a full time “day” job. It was the most challenging thing I had ever done in my life! There were so many times when I wanted to give up. But, when I submitted my final paper for my final class, the feeling inside me was indescribable. It was pride, joy, relief, satisfaction. What I had dedicated three years of my life to was finally complete. What a feeling!

The road to these moments is certainly not so easy. It requires vision, hard work, dedication, failure, and perseverance. It can be discouraging when the light at the end of the tunnel is just so dim. So, what can we do to make it through the tough times and earn our own Grammy moment? Something that really works for me is a support system. There are a handful of people in my life who I turn to for support and encouragement when I need it the most. By nature, I am someone who wants to do things on my own and I don’t seek support when I truly need it. I’ve learned over time that a support system helps me stay focused and refreshes my soul when I am burnt out. Another thing that works for me is reflecting on prior Grammy moments. I try to remember the feeling of accomplishment, because it alone can be a huge motivator for me. Now, your turn! What works for you?

If you’re struggling to persevere, don’t give up! I know you can do it. Tell our community how we can support you. Let us help you get to your Grammy moment.

Have a Grammy moment of your own? Share it with our community! Help inspire others to keep pushing through.

2 thoughts on “Don’t give up on your grammy moment!

  1. I find celebrating the little wins or little accomplishments helps me stay positive rather then getting discouraged on the ocean of a task I have on my plate. Also, taking the time to reflect on what I have done and what could be done differently. I have an iphone, so I have built in reminders for when I leave home to tell me I am on stage to stay focused and when I leave work to ask me what could I have done differently so I am constantly progressing towards that grammy moment.

    • Thanks for sharing! Leaving little reminders like that is a great way to stay focused. I also like that you said you celebrate the smaller victories too. (Sometimes just getting myself together is worth celebrating… the other day I only wore one earring to work!) Celebrating the smaller moments helps us stay sane when we’re working hard on some larger goals.

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